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Graphic & UI/UX Design

10 years of experience in front end development informs my approach to graphic and UI design for the web. If you have developers and need a creative, I know what goes on technically behind the scenes, so your design will translate directly into a functional digital product

Responsive Websites

Given the ubiquity of mobile devices today, responsive websites have become essential. All of the websites I produce are designed and built to work optimally across a broad range of devices and screen sizes.

Custom CMS Themes

From turnkey services like Squarespace, to full featured content management systems like Drupal and Wordpress, I can build a site with the functionality you need and a look that is your own. Regardless of platform, virtually all of the sites I build are customized so they stand apart.

Game/App Design

I have spent the last several years working as part of a team that has created an award winning line of educational apps that have over two million downloads to date. Whether you're just getting started with an idea, or are in the late stages of development, I can provide help from concept to testing and just about everything in between.

Social Media Campaigns

In many cases, social media is the primary point of contact between your audience and your brand. I can provide banners, promotional images, and copy that will keep your presence engaging.


It is important to know your audience. Along with assessing and employing SEO best practices for your site, I can assist in evaluating your analytics data to help better inform your development and online marketing decisions.